An activator, facilitator,
survivor, and mentor

Taking a strong stand for her own beliefs and others, Tracey is a seasoned speaker inspiring others on the Women’s Empowerment, Diversity in the Film and TV industry and being a champion for the next generation.

Tracey is passionate about social issues and inspiring youth, storytellers and Indigenous communities. She is all about empowering women, youth and Indigenous communities to pursue their dreams.

Tracey is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences.

“It’s been really important to me to put forth a representation of us that aligns with everyone else, so people can relate and say, ‘Oh my god, that’s just like us, that happened to me, too,’ and laugh with us. It’s about building allies.”

As an Indigenous woman in the film and television industry Tracey hopes to inspire others to follow their passions,
regardless of the obstacles in their way.

Film and TV

How to get into the business, follow your passions and find success.

The Next Gen

Empowerment of youth and women in the industry.

Social Activism
through Art

Using storytelling to spread awareness of the cause.

Healing, Truth, and Reconciliation

Learning to grow and heal as a community though Tracey’s journey as a young Indigenous person experiencing the Oka crisis.

Tracey Deer

Recent & Upcoming Events

Fall 2018
NSI IndigiDocs mentor, Winnipeg

June 2018
Showrunning talk at FilmPEI, Charlottetown

May 2018
Guest speaker at NSI's CBC New Indigenous Voices program, Winnipeg

March 2018
Spotlight Conversation, Women Making Waves Conferences, Halifax

February 2018
Writers panel at Primetime, Ottawa

“Tracey represents the next wave of Native filmmaking”

Adam Symansky, NFB producer

“She makes it comfortable to take risks and to be honest in our work as actors”

Heather White, Actor

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